Alan Mathos reads his poem “Eviction”


Jason Thomas reading at Main Street Books

Alan Mathos  reading       at Main Street Books

Alan Mathos (a.k.a. Jason Thomas) is a poet, dabbler in short fiction, and contemplator of the peripheral aspects of life that hold hope and hidden meaning. These, he explains, are like rays of sunlight through the cracks of a door in a dark room – a door that remains locked until a key is revealed by one’s adjusting eyes.

Themes in his work include spirituality, humor, ghosts, temptation, economics, searching, isolation, nature, music, confusion, and perception (both visual and psychological). In his poetry, Alan enjoys variety, experimenting with free verse as well as structured, traditional, and rhyming forms. According to him, his fiction writing is coming along, but there are “still a lot of orange cones and barrels” as he improves his use of plot, character development, and shifts in narrative perspective. You can see and hear him at occasional open mics in Mansfield, Ohio and in free-range conversations in uncaged coffee shops and other cultural settings.

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About Jason Kaufman

Jason Kaufman is a husband, father, backpacker, sculptor, poet, and fiction writer. He is a proud member of Mansfield, Ohio's artistic community. He has owned and/or been the curator of various local art galleries and is an active participant in writing groups, art critique groups, poetry readings, and many other collaborative projects. Jason is a co-editor of Voices from the Borderland and the assistant editor of Semaphore Literary Magazine. He is the set designer for the Renaissance Theater.

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