“Mouth of the Ocean”: a video-performance by Jason Kaufman inspired by sovroncourt’s song of that title.

This feature is a video piece by Jason Kaufman inspired by sovroncourt’s “Mouth of the Ocean”, track 2 on Waves and Wheels. Please set the video to 720p for the best quality and enjoy!

* * * * *

A few words from Jason Kaufman about the song, about the video: 
If I listen to sovroncourt long enough, I will cry. Guaranteed. Gets me every time. So I listen when I’m by myself, in the car or late at night when I’m deep into a sculpture. In all his work, whether photography, assemblage, or music, his techniques are self-detonating. He wants the work to be authentic, earnest, honest, but refuses alluring or pretty technique for fear the work will achieve only a shell of honesty. Cameron’s work is 40 grit sandpaper, because he wants us to be scuffed free of clothes and naked before meeting him at the raw-hearted center of it.

I can no longer view his work without seeing his mother. She’s everywhere, a presence known and strange. She is always smiling and teaching him little things. Reminding him to smile. “Mouth of the Ocean”, of all the songs on waves and wheels, is most directly about his mother and because of this it feels like the emotional core of the album. I can’t stop listening to it. It makes me think of my mother; it makes me think of losing her. It’s a wound I have to touch. Will have to touch. Cameron sings “I would remember […] to swim, and fear the ocean,” and here we are, all of us, fearing the ocean–of love, existence, death–but swimming nonetheless. 

In the video my mother and I held eye contact for the duration of the song. We felt silly at first. Within thirty seconds we were both crying. I felt fake for a minute. Then I felt too real. Then I felt at home. By the end we were feeling silly again.


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