“SAN BERNADINO’S B-SIDE”: a poem by Aurelio Diaz

This feature is a poem by Aurelio Diaz titled “San Bernadino’s B-Side”. It was inspired by “San Bernadino”, track 3 on the Waves and Wheels album. Please read Aurelio’s ekphrastic piece and then listen to the song that inspired it. Enjoy!

* * * * *

San Bernadino’s B-Side, by Aurelio Diaz

“The Valley of the Cupped Hand of God” – the poorest of the gold rush West,
wealthy hearts venture abreast
in a car with blue jay & cardinal figureheads at the prow
trekking to colonize dark deserts
of lunatic exotic animal handlers,
setting up residence in a wickiup
to discuss & to face what lies ahead
in the broader scheme of growing pains,
like the personalities, nature, even glitches of future offspring
& their existence 30 years from now…
Under the brilliant fireworks
that tease with shadow taunts.

And to be together in the deepest divot of God’s cupped hand.
not Alone.
a Home wherever u go.

* * * * *

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About Jason Kaufman

Jason Kaufman is a husband, father, backpacker, sculptor, poet, and fiction writer. He is a proud member of Mansfield, Ohio's artistic community. He has owned and/or been the curator of various local art galleries and is an active participant in writing groups, art critique groups, poetry readings, and many other collaborative projects. Jason is a co-editor of Voices from the Borderland and the assistant editor of Semaphore Literary Magazine. He is the set designer for the Renaissance Theater.

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