“Grumpy Cat’s Cat-thartic Afternoon”, by Alan Mathos

This feature is a humorous poem written by Alan Mathos, inspired by “Someone Else’s Life”, track 6 on the Waves and Wheels album. Please read Alan’s ekphrastic poem and then listen to the song that inspired it. Enjoy!

* * * * *

A note from Alan Mathos about his poem:

“This is my ekphrastic piece for “Someone Else’s Life” by Sovroncourt. Hopefully, you’ll find it amusing. These could be alternative song lyrics, because they fit the general meter of the song. I was listening to it one day and the idea just came to me. Something about the tone of the song seems to fit perfectly with a certain iconic figure that has become popular in recent years.”

* * * * *

Grumpy Cat’s Cat-thartic Afternoon

Grumpy Cat is the name I’ve worn
ever since the litter in which I was born
One of five clumps in the kitty litter box
raised with Rottweilers in the School of Hard Knocks.

My mama Sassafras
knows every tomcat in town
Now I’m related to half
of the bastards around.

And if my papa Boots
coulda heard worth a damn
he woulda noticed the sound
of that minivan.

Nothing cheers me much
Music rubs me wrong,
but coughing up a hairball gets me
through most love songs.

Only Cat Power can
make this cold heart stir
and that Euro singer Miss Kittin
can make me sorta start to purr.

You may be wonderin’
when I say I’m smilin’
Where is that sunshine, then
my black-eyed friend?

Just show me a bankrupt man,
a fire, or a pack of lies,
and you will see a gleam
begin to brighten up my eyes.

* * * * *

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About Jason Kaufman

Jason Kaufman is a husband, father, backpacker, sculptor, poet, and fiction writer. He is a proud member of Mansfield, Ohio's artistic community. He has owned and/or been the curator of various local art galleries and is an active participant in writing groups, art critique groups, poetry readings, and many other collaborative projects. Jason is a co-editor of Voices from the Borderland and the assistant editor of Semaphore Literary Magazine. He is the set designer for the Renaissance Theater.

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