Sovroncourt to re-release album on cassette–Richland Source

Check out Sovroncourt in Richland Source:

Then head over to pre-order Waves and Wheel on cassette, due to release from Wild Kindness Records Feb. 18, 2014.


Welcome to The Dish Set Challenge

The Dish Set Challenge is part of the co-e-val exhibition currently on display at the Pearl Conard Art Gallery, Ohio State University, Mansfield. Artist Jeni Hansen Gard invited five Mansfield locals to participate in the month-long art experience. To kick the project off Jeni (and family) cooked the participants dinner comprised entirely of locally sourced food, which was served in the gallery space during the opening reception. For the next month the participants are encouraged to eat their meals off of a ceramic dish set custom made for them by the artist. If the participants go out to eat, the dish-set travels with them. They must wash it between meals. Because the project involves the participants uploading photos of their meals, there seems to be a positive social pressure to represent themselves with meals that are healthy and nice to look at. In this way, the piece demands a level of intention and awareness about food and the community that gathers around food that seems increasingly uncommon in todays eating habits. Visit the Dish Set Challenge Blog to see photos and read about the participants’ experiences.  – Jason Kaufman


The Dish Set Challenge III

Welcome to The Dish Set Challenge
Part of the exhibition Co.e.val The Ohio State University Ceramics Graduate Students
Friday, January 10th – Friday, February 7th 2014 at Pearl Conard Art Gallery
Dish Set
Imagine eating and drinking off of the same set of dishes for 30 days. That is exactly what I did this past month. The dish set went on a daily journey from home to school and back again many times, it traveled across the Midwest from Pennsylvania to Michigan with its home base in Columbus, Ohio. You can find out more about me, Jeni Hansen Gard, and the project at
Now, I am inviting you to participate in your own Dish Set Challenge. I am looking for five participants to use a handmade dish set made just for them for the duration of the exhibition Co.e.val held by The Ohio State University Ceramics Graduate Students from Friday, January 10th –…

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