Sovroncourt Collaborative Project

Voices from the Borderland invited artists to produce work in response to sovroncourt’s (Cameron Sharp’s) new album Waves and Wheels. Below you’ll find the Waves and Wheels album embedded, followed by links to the artists’ inspired works. Please takes some time getting to know the album–it’s great!–and then sink into the inspired works. Thanks. 

* * * * *

* * * * *

Links to the Artists’ inspired work:

1. el condor pasa (if i could)

2. mouth of the ocean

3. san bernadino

4. debris

5. swimming the dam

6. someone else’s life

7. listening to the scream and rebus with wind chimes

* * * * *

Who is sovroncourt?

“Leon Redbone and Rickie Lee Jones have a poet love child” (Jennifer Hurst). His name is sovroncourt.

“Croak Folk, Freak Folk, call this music what u want but I call it [] “harmonic-heart-on-the -sleeve-Souletry” (Aurelio Villa Luna Diaz).

sovroncourt is Cameron Sharp (and periodically a small cast of friends). There is vitality and a sense of honesty in his imperfections and character. sovroncourt plays a peculiar brand of folk, with a voice that might rub you the wrong way at first, but with time will feel like the softened grooves of a well loved record” (from the artist’s website).

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